a fresh start

As many of us do come January 1st, I found myself feeling ambitious and energized to check items off my "to-do" list.  While I accomplished a healthy number of goals last year, one of my long-lost "2016" items was to update my website.  Visiting it last week, I was embarrassed to see how old and out-of-date some of the content was, having all but abandoned updating it in favour of maintaining my Instagram.

Other neglected items on my 2016 list were to "read more" and "write more", both of which fizzled out within the first few weeks of the New Year.  When it came time to check off a major dream of Issha's and mine this Fall, self-publishing a mini magazine, I had to write, and I rolled my eyes at my own laziness.

In the spirit of multi-tasking and working on my goals for 2017, by "restarting" my blog/website, i'm hoping to creatively grow a bit more this coming year by having another outlet for my work...

Fingers crossed... ;)